Controlled Blasting

Agassiz Drilling is the industry leader in controlled blasting for all applications. Our decades long experience in close quarter blasting provides peace of mind for all stakeholders.

Whether the job requires blasting in close proximity to Hydro poles and other infrastructure for roadwork projects or for blasting trench and service lines in populated areas, Agassiz Drilling is equal to the task.

Rock Socket Pipe Piles

Agassiz Drilling has decades of experience in the drilling and installation of Rock Socket Pipe Piles.

Increasingly powerful hammers can sometimes allow the driving of long piles into complex rock masses but uncertainties regarding pile drivability often require the mobilization of powerful drilling equipment to mitigate against the risk of refusal. That’s where Agassiz Drilling can ensure the job gets done quickly and efficiently.

Post Tension Anchor Systems

Agassiz Drilling also has many years experience in the drilling and installation of Post Tension Anchor Systems. Post tensioning anchorages are a mechanical device consisting of all components required to transfer the post tensioning force from the prestressing steel to the structure itself. In addition, it includes all accessories required for grouting. Stressing anchorage is the most common form of post tensioning system.

Rock Face/Slope Stabilization

Agassiz Drilling has the equipment and know-how for all of your rock stabilization needs. From the simplest vertical face stabilization designs to the most demanding angles for slopes, Agassiz Drilling has the necessary tools and experience to perform to the exacting standards required for today’s rock bolting designs.