Winter Road Ready

Ice Road Ready

Agassiz Drilling has decades of experience in accessing remote northern locations. Many of our past projects have required ice road mobilization and Agassiz Drilling has proven to be more than up to the task.

Our Specialized Transport Crew has many combined years of experience with the extraordinary challenges of remote locations where access is often limited to ice roads.

Look for Agassiz Drilling equipment in the new,  Feature Length Liam Neeson movie, “The Ice Road.”

When Hollywood needs “a special set of skills,” Agassiz Drilling fits the bill!

No winter road? No ice road? No problem.

Agassiz Drilling can use their Gardner Denver Air Track Drill to access the most remote locations that the North can muster. The Air Track can be broken down into manageable/ air transportable components which makes any remote location easily serviceable.

Pioneer Drilling

Agassiz Drilling has decades of experience in Pioneer Drilling for those hard to reach areas! Our highly trained, dedicated and experienced drillers prove time and again that no terrain is too challenging!